This year our line-up includes in no particular order:

Stitherum, Keith Collishaw, Paul Bellamy & Lynn Haynes, Malt Whiskers and Friends, Toudion, Kate Witney, Pennyless, Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher, Between the Lines, Li’l Ian Goodsman, Hunter Muskett, Croagh Patrick, Vikki Clayton, BellApple Boys, Miracle Cure, Peasants Revolt, Chris Stern, Homity, Campbell/Taylor, Strummin’ Steve Jackson, Lynn McFarland, Les Brown, Ivor Pickard, Steve & Julie Wigley, Mike & Silvi, Clare Harding, John Pape, Nigel Creasey & Teri Clarke, Paul Dickinson & Angela King, Millstone Grit, Mike Todd, Neil O’Grady, Glenn DC Gibbs

Dancing with Green Ginger and Slapdash