Day of Lincolnshire Folk turns eight years old

It is hard to believe that this is the eighth year in what has become a much-loved annual event that is now central to the Lincolnshire Folk Calendar.  As always the event celebrates the singers, dancers, musicians and culture of our fine county. Not just about our place in history, our Folk culture is ever-evolving, with new folk music – the folk heritage of the future is created and passed on. To that end, Lincolnshire is blessed with a myriad of songwriters capable of reflecting the county today and the people who live here.

Events like the Day of Lincolnshire Folk are all about continuity and change. One change this year is an additional venue – Leadenham Tea-rooms where there will be a chance to meet some of the artists and hear their music over tea and cakes! However, we have and treasure comments from people along the lines of ‘it is a perfect day – don’t change a thing’. So, other than the Tearooms, the template for Sunday remains broadly the same. Concerts, Singarounds, Sessions, Workshops, the BBC Radio Lincolnshire Tent – and whatever else you want to make of the day. One thing I urge is that you at least sample the unique atmosphere of the Orchard Stage. Grass roots music under the apple trees. Very Isaac Newtonian and very Lincolnshire.

Finally, and most importantly, thanks to all who have attended and contributed over the years. We hope to see you again this year and as always we want you to enjoy the day, look after each other, stay safe and treasure the joyous music, dance and song of Lincolnshire and its people.